Giant HTC is Just a Joke, Just Like We Thought

So it turns out that the huge HTC Magnum actually is, of course, a prank cooked up by the guys at Pocketpt in Portugal as a Carnival stunt. Built from an HTC X7500 and a boring old HP monitor, it seems it got a lot more attention on the intertubes than originally intended. [Pocketlint] » 2/06/08 7:47am 2/06/08 7:47am

Gigantic Windows Mobile 'Phone' Leaves Us Scratching Our Heads

We can't really figure this thing out. It's supposed to be a joke "product" (we think) called the HTC Magnum. Either this man is holding a pretty gigantic tablet, or a widescreen monitor, or he's the most hormonally developed three-year-old we've ever seen. This thing, whatever it is, looks real in the sense that it… » 2/05/08 2:30pm 2/05/08 2:30pm