Where Have All the Google Play Edition Devices Gone?

This week, Google polished off the last remaining Google Play edition smartphone in its online store, The HTC One (M8). The device has been scrubbed from the "devices" main page, but you can pull up the smartphone with a direct link...only to be welcomed with "HTC One (M8) Google Play edition is no longer available… » 1/22/15 3:17pm 1/22/15 3:17pm

Five Best Android Phones: 2014 Edition

There's no shortage of great Android phones on the market if you're looking to switch, buy your first, or upgrade. Even so, there are certainly some phones that stand above others, either because they have great specs, include good software, get fast updates, or are just a joy to use. Here are five of them, based on… » 11/23/14 1:52pm 11/23/14 1:52pm

HTC's Desire Eye Smartphone Will Stare Into Your Selfie-Taking Soul

Do you take selfies? Your answer doesn't matter because almost all smartphone manufacturers think you do. That's why iPhones now feature front-facing burst modes and some Lumias are designed with selfies in mind. Today, HTC is joining the parade with the new Desire Eye. The main attraction? A giant 13 megapixel… » 10/08/14 4:45pm 10/08/14 4:45pm

The Best Smartphone Camera: iPhone 6 Edition

Since we last pitted the best smartphone cameras against one another, a few new contenders have entered the fold, notably the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. That makes now the perfect time to settle which smartphone packs in the snappiest shooter. » 9/23/14 12:02pm 9/23/14 12:02pm

HTC One M8 for Windows Review: It's No Lumia, But That's Just Fine

Until recently, buying a Windows Phone probably meant buying a Nokia phone. But it doesn't need to be that way. HTC has just turned its flagship Android smartphone, the HTC One (M8), into the best all-purpose Windows Phone you can buy. » 9/18/14 2:06pm 9/18/14 2:06pm

How the iPhone 6 Stacks Up Against Its Toughest Competition

The iPhone 6 is here! It's sleek and rounded, just like the leaked photos we've been seeing for months. But now we finally know what's inside that Jony Ive-designed shell. How's it measure up to the stiff smartphone competition? Let's see. » 9/09/14 3:56pm 9/09/14 3:56pm

HTC's New One M8 Is Actually Coming To Verizon and AT&T

Earlier today we got a hands on with the new HTC One M8 For Windows, which we said was launching exclusively on Verizon. Now AT&T is announcing that it will also add the new One M8 to its Windows Phone offerings, although that's pretty much all we know at this point—no price or date announced yet. [AT&T via The Verge] » 8/19/14 8:01pm 8/19/14 8:01pm

Rumour: A Plastic HTC One Will Match Galaxy S5's Specs, Undercut Price

Would you be prepared to ditch the superb HTC One M8's aluminium unibody shell in favour of a plastic one if it meant you'd be able to keep a few more readies in your wallet? If you answered yes to that question, you may soon get a chance to follow through on it — HTC is said to be preparing the HTC One M8, a… » 4/29/14 5:30am 4/29/14 5:30am

Now Available: 2014 HTC One

HTC's newly-revamped One is a flagship phone with some nice updates to its already sleek design. It's also a brainy barnstormer with some crazy cool camera tech that could be the future of mobile photography. It's available now for $200 on-contract from AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon (sorry T-Mobile, yours won't arrive til… » 3/28/14 6:30pm 3/28/14 6:30pm

The New HTC One: HTC's Flagship Phone Gets a Full Metal Jacket

Last year, HTC gambled on funneling its resources into a single flagship smartphone. That bet paid off in the form of the One, the first truly beautiful Android device. Its successor—the new HTC One—builds on that existing framework. It's all grown up, in all the right ways. » 3/25/14 11:15am 3/25/14 11:15am