HTC Tilt Windows Mobile 6.1 Update Actually Out

That Windows Mobile 6.1 update » 8/26/08 4:50pm 8/26/08 4:50pm we showed you last week when it was to be out is now officially out (according to HTC). Grab it now. []New features: Windows Mobile 6.1 HTC Home Screen Video Share Calling Threaded SMS MS Voice Command OneNote Mobile Remote Desktop Monitor Enroll Domain Managed Programs PTT Button now…

AT&T 2008 Smartphone Roadmap Leaked

Believe it or not, AT&T actually does have other smartphones coming this year besides the iPhone 3G and BlackBerry Bold. Four sequel-y Windows Mobile phones all slated for winter, and 6.1 updates for existing ones. Besides the Pantech Tech Duo 2, there's the BlackJack 3 (with a better cam and a little faster… » 7/01/08 3:59pm 7/01/08 3:59pm

HTC TyTN II Gets Windows Mobile 6.1 Update, AT&T Tilt Soon

HTC's TyTN II, the Euro/whitebox version of AT&T's Tilt, just officially got updated to Windows Mobile 6.1. While you could put the update on a Tilt if you were seriously jonesing for WinMo 6.1, it would wipe out all the AT&T stuff and give you a regular HTC phone. Besides, it'll start rolling out to branded phones… » 5/24/08 1:46pm 5/24/08 1:46pm

AT&T HTC Tilt Update Available Now

We told you the HTC Tilt was rumored to be getting an update. Well, wash those rumors away; it's official, baby. The ROM update is for AT&T users only, and should you try loading on handsets locked to other networks, we reckon you will be sorry. The upgrade brings enhanced Bluetooth performance, enabled DTMF tones for… » 2/17/08 10:30am 2/17/08 10:30am

AT&T Tilt to Get Bug Fixes, Maybe Stop Sucking Today

A ROM update (version 1.62.502.0) for AT&T's Tilt—basically the best Windows Mobile phone around, hardcore bugginess aside—is supposedly rolling out today that'll fix a handful of the critters, such as device freezing during a password unlock, busted Bluetooth headset functions, tones for the slide-out keyboard and… » 2/15/08 11:06am 2/15/08 11:06am

Hands-on With the AT&T Tilt: GPS-Enabled Windows Mobile 6 Smartphone

The Gadget: The AT&T Tilt, a Windows Mobile 6 smartphone that has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, GPS navigation, a 3-megapixel camera, and Push-to-Talk along with a slide-out/fold-up keyboard and a 2.8-inch touchscreen. It's a Windows Mobile phone, yes, but it's also the Windows Mobile phone with the best GPS package we've… » 10/04/07 9:10pm 10/04/07 9:10pm