Winamp 2 Has Been Immortalized in HTML5 For Your Pleasure

Winamp disappeared into obscurity, died, then came back to life. But with such a turbulent history, it pays to make sure that the iconic piece of software lives on. Good job a working version of it's been immortalized in HMTL5, then. » 11/06/14 7:15am 11/06/14 7:15am

CSS Is 20 Years Old Today

Two decades ago, Opera's Chief Technical Officer, Håkon Wium Lie, published a document that would change web design forever. It was called Cascading HTML style sheets – a proposal. » 10/10/14 7:30am 10/10/14 7:30am

New HTML Is About To Make Your Phone Way Better at Using the Internet

Microsoft's First Website From 1994 Looks Delightfully Ancient Today

In 1994, there were just a few thousand websites on the internet. HTML was still new, and the concept of web publishing was still embryonic. It was the year that Microsoft launched its own website—and today, to celebrate its 20th anniversary on the web, the company dug that old website up and put it back online. » 8/07/14 5:49pm 8/07/14 5:49pm

Awesome Guy Re-Created the Star Wars Opening Crawl with HTML and CSS

Here's something completely awesome on a day that needs more awesome. Tim Pietrusky recreated the famous opening crawl of Star Wars from 1977 using HTML, CSS and JavaScript because he couldn't find a web version of it. Even better, the code is all up on and Pietrusky detailed his process on his website for… » 9/16/13 8:00pm 9/16/13 8:00pm

Humorous HTML Greeting Cards Are the Route to Any Geek's Heart

If there's a way to any geek's heart, it's through a dubious HTML-based joke—which is why these greeting cards are the perfect way to tell your loved ones exactly what you're thinking. » 7/11/13 3:47am 7/11/13 3:47am

This Subway Map Is Not an Image, Just Pure Code

This version of London's iconic tube map looks just like the official PDF of the transport network—but in fact it is created entirely from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. » 5/22/13 6:32am 5/22/13 6:32am

Google's new "Save to Drive" feature is a script you can embed into your webpage that allows readers to instantly save a file—PDFs, images, what have you—to Google Drive with the click of a button. You can go check it out on Google's blog. » 5/09/13 1:05pm 5/09/13 1:05pm

This Is the Most Beautiful Way to Learn How to Code

These days, the sentiment of anyone who doesn't know how to code being destined to a life of homeless ineptitude has become a fairly common (if mildly exaggerated) one. But of all the ways out there to save yourself from a derelict fate, Jon Duckett's HTML and CSS: Design and Buil Websites, is, perhaps, the most… » 4/24/13 1:40pm 4/24/13 1:40pm

The Humble Origins of the HTML Blink Tag

Lou Montulli was one of the first people to work on the Netscape web browser, which gave birth to many of the venerable (and likely deprecated) web standards some of us grew up with. And if not for him, the much despised (or maybe loved) HTML Blink tag may never have existed. This is his story. » 4/20/12 3:20pm 4/20/12 3:20pm

Build Websites Without Having Any Coding Knowledge, With Adobe Muse

Adobe has a new Muse—graphic designers. While "Muse" is just a working title, the beta of the graphic design software has gone live which lets users work around the fact they don't know a scrap of code. » 8/15/11 2:20am 8/15/11 2:20am

Embed a Message In an OK Go Music Video Using Chrome

We know that HTML 5 and stuff like Canvas, SVG, and WebGL is cool, but how cool are they? Cool enough to let you embed a message in a music video and have the band Ok Go dance it out for you. » 7/28/11 1:23am 7/28/11 1:23am

Hexadecimal Color Clock Represents Time As A Color Value

If you've ever dabbled in HTML, you'd know about hexadecimal color codes—those base-16 numbers that mix red, green and blue to create a precise hue. This mesmerizing Colour Clock takes the current time, converts it into a hexadecimal value, and uses the ever-changing shade as its background color. A screensaver for… » 2/22/11 7:17pm 2/22/11 7:17pm

Transform Your WordPress to Match Gizmodo's Redesign

Sahas Katta designed a hilariously awesome WordPress theme, aptly named Qawker, that mimics Gizmodo's redesign. He didn't even have to look at our code! If you want to move with the future of blogs, feel free to download. We won't take offense* [Skatter Tech] » 2/15/11 12:00am 2/15/11 12:00am

HTML 5 Just Wants to Be HTML From Now On

With all the hype surrounding HTML5, the latest web standard has become a bit self-conscious of its designation. Therefore, it demands that you just refer to it—and all future iterations—as HTML. Got it? » 1/21/11 11:40pm 1/21/11 11:40pm

Relive The Glory Days Of DOS...On A Website

If you still remember DOS commands, congratulations! You're a huge nerd (and/or old)! Your reward is this personal site, which you navigate using DOS-like prompts. (Protip: DIR, HELP and BLOG are all good starting points). [StopWilson via Reddit] » 1/04/11 11:20pm 1/04/11 11:20pm

H.264 Will Be Royalty Free For Internet Video Forever, Kinda, Mozilla…

MPEG LA, the group that licenses the h.264 video codec, has extended its royalty-free use (for free internet video) from 2016 until, well, forever. Update: Kinda. But Mozilla thinks the better part of forever could belong to Google's WebM format. » 8/27/10 9:11am 8/27/10 9:11am

Geek Love Poems Are the Best Love Poems

On the side of the road, somewhere deep in the heart of California, this love poem has been scrawled on a partition. I hope whoever it's meant for has a fondness for web design and memes. » 8/16/10 6:20pm 8/16/10 6:20pm

In North Korea, Even the HTML Coding Is Very Strong

Hmmmm, I'm not sure what message they're trying to send with the source code of the official webpage of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. [Daily WTF via The Daily What] » 7/29/10 12:40pm 7/29/10 12:40pm