Asus Delays Eee Keyboard Again, But Adds Capacitive Touchscreen

OK Asus, what the hell? I've drooled over your entertainment-PC-in-a-keyboard with wireless HDMI for months now. You said October looked good, but now it's delayed until early next year? At least you're making the 5-inch touchscreen a capacitive panel now. » 11/05/09 6:44am 11/05/09 6:44am

Ideas We Like: App Store for Apple TV

Analysts are sometimes way off the mark with predictions, but that doesn't mean that can't invent ideas we'd actually really like to see implemented—in this case, Gene Munster's speculation about an app store for the Apple TV. » 6/04/09 4:20pm 6/04/09 4:20pm

Velocity Micro First to Ship CableCard-ready HTPCs

The wait felt like an eternity, but it appears the first CableCard-friendly PCs are ready to roll. Velocity Micro's top-of-the-line Grand Theater systems are "100 percent" and shipping this week while the Pro Cinema systems will ship a few days behind. While other companies have announced Vista MCE boxes with CableCard… » 3/20/07 11:24am 3/20/07 11:24am