Huawei, Once Accused of Spying, Has Been Hacked by NSA Since 2009

Chinese electronics manufacturer Huawei decided to withdraw from U.S. business last year amid accusations that it built backdoors into American government and business systems. But while the U.S. government was publicly accusing the company of espionage, the NSA had already established its own backdoors into Huawei's… » 3/22/14 3:50pm 3/22/14 3:50pm

This SD Card Is Hiding a Mobile Hotspot Inside

The last thing you want to do after buying yourself a sleek, ultra-slim laptop is muck up its lovely form factor with an ungainly mobile WiFi hotspot hanging off a USB port. So taking inspiration from the Eye-Fi, Huawei has cooked up its own SD card that's gutted to make room for a nano SIM slot and a HSPA+ 3G radio… » 10/02/13 4:20pm 10/02/13 4:20pm

The New Smartphone War: 7 Apple and Samsung Challengers

You might call it a lack of ambition. Or you could just call it being very pragmatic. At a recent roundtable with reporters in Tokyo, the head of Sony's mobile business professed his desire to be the No. 3 player in smartphones behind Apple and Samsung. BlackBerry's CEO said the same thing heading up to the launch of … » 3/11/13 12:40pm 3/11/13 12:40pm

Huawei Claims It Has the World’s Fastest 4G Phone—But Who Really Cares?

Huawei could add a waffle-maker to its Ascend P2, and I doubt even that would be enough to pull people over to its side of the phone stores. Unlike the Ascend D2 unveiled at CES, there's no 3,000mAh battery lurking here (you'll have to "make do" with a 2420 one), but there's a CAT 4LTE chipset, meaning 4G speeds can… » 2/25/13 2:48am 2/25/13 2:48am

Eat It, Galaxy Note. Huawei's New Phone Has the World's Largest Screen…

Oh man, here we go. Phablets are no longer no longer constrained to limits of being under half a foot. Huawei's new Ascend Mate is an unprecedented 6.1-inches. It's been around before, but now it's official, and has the largest screen of any smartphone in the world. To date anyway. Cower in fear beneath its… » 1/07/13 4:09pm 1/07/13 4:09pm

Report: A Huawei Partner Offered To Sell a Whole Bunch of Embargoed HP…

Huawei is definitely a growing force in the world of mobile, but the United States has always been wary of it, even if the White House says Huawei isn't spying for China. Now there's been a bit of funny business. According to Reuters, a close Huawei partner offered millions of dollars worth of embargoed HP equipment… » 12/30/12 8:03pm 12/30/12 8:03pm