Happy 25th Birthday Hubble! Amazing Pics of the Telescope’s Construction

If it weren’t for the Hubble telescope, our selection of dope images for lock screens and desktop backgrounds would be far scantier. Thankfully, NASA’s omnipresent orbiter has been snapping celestial photos for a good quarter century—but its construction actually began way earlier, back in the late 70s, continuing… »4/24/15 10:55am4/24/15 10:55am

Astronomers Take First Ever Pics of Other Planetary Systems

Huge astronomy news! For the first time EVER »11/13/08 10:30pm11/13/08 10:30pm, galaxy researchers have taken pictures of planets orbiting a sun-star, much like our own. The first, taken by the much beloved Hubble Telescope, shows a planet orbiting the bright southern star Fomalhaut, located 25 light-years away in the constellation Piscis Australis.…

Hubble Resumes Operations, Sends Back Picture of Lost Starfox 64 Level

The Hubble Telescope, which was quite nearly lost this month to a combination of old age »10/31/08 10:20am10/31/08 10:20am and a , has resumed "regular science operations" today, and sent back spectacular picture of a pair of galaxies engaging in some kind of celestial slow dance. The mission to replace the Science Instrument Command and Data…

Hubble's 486 Backup Computer Wakes Up For the First Time Since 1990

Prospects were starting to look pretty grim for the venerable Hubble telescope. Following a communications breakdown »10/16/08 5:51am10/16/08 5:51am, the Hubble team postponed their scheduled repair mission from October 14th until , at the earliest. Until then, the Hubble's usable data transmission abilities were dependent on one thing: the…

NASA Pics Celebrate Hubble's 18th Birthday, Space Telescope Still Can't Drink Beer

Eighteen years ago today, the Hubble Telescope was launched into space by the Space Shuttle Discovery. To celebrate its coming of age, NASA has released 59 high-definition breathtaking pictures of galaxies colliding across the universe. Above is ESO 99-4, a weird-shaped galaxy (probably the result of another… »4/24/08 7:20am4/24/08 7:20am