Garmin's New HUD Projects Turn-by-Turn Directions Onto Any Windshield

When most of us think of heads-up displays, our brains almost immediately wander into science fiction fantasies. And lord knows I've been fantasizing about a relatively inexpensive unit that will put turn-by-turn navigation on my windshield. Goodbye, awkward smartphone mount, hello, Garmin HUD. » 7/08/13 10:53am 7/08/13 10:53am

A Look at All Those Over-the-Top Interfaces in The Avengers

Besides all of the obvious visual effects like flying aircraft carriers and giant green rage monsters, there's a lot of post-production work in a blockbuster movie like The Avengers that you might not notice. Even though it's splashed across computer screens and heads-up displays throughout the film. » 5/30/12 6:20pm 5/30/12 6:20pm

Translucent OLEDs Go Large, Turn Your Windows into Crappy TVs

We've been teased » 10/30/08 5:51am 10/30/08 5:51am with OLED technology for a while, and with good reason — one of the promises of ultrathin OLED tech is the wide proliferation of HUDs, which aren't served well by most displays' opaque panels. By stretching their translucent OLED panels to about 12 inches, tiling them together and dropping them into…

Interactive Mirrors: The Inevitable Future of Vanity

Lit Studios and Interference inc, the same guys who made that ridiculous laser pointer wall » 10/23/08 5:50am 10/23/08 5:50am a few weeks ago, are back with a touch-enabled interactive mirror. Using a combination of projection techniques, they were able to superimpose a clear, vivid, moving image on top of a regular reflection, creating the bathroom…