Robocup 2008 Droids Cooperate Like Real Soccer Team, With Fewer Hissy Fits

Miniature humanoid robots are getting more impressive by the day: this video shows the Darmstadt Dribblers team in action in the recent 2008 Robocup. And if you notice, they're really playing like proper autonomous soccer teams. It's the first year that three-on-three playing action has happened, and thus required… »7/21/08 5:22am7/21/08 5:22am

REEM B Humanoid Service Robot May Give ASIMO A Run (Ok, Stroll) For Its Money

Spanish company PAL Technology's ultimate goal is to develop a humanoid service robot, and REEM B is the latest prototype they've produced. The robot can navigate autonomously around buildings, identify and interact with people and objects and carry heavy weights. He may not be as nippy or sleek as Honda's ASIMO—his… »2/28/08 5:01am2/28/08 5:01am

U-Tsu-Shi-O-Mi Lets You Reach Out and Touch a Virtual Friend

U-Tsu-Shi-O-Mi is a system that lets you both see and touch a virtual humanoid. Developed by Michihiko Shoji, it works by combining a head mounted display with a creepy green sensor-laden robot. As you interact with the bot, not only will it react accordingly, but you'll be able to see the virtual buddy via the HMD… »10/12/07 5:30pm10/12/07 5:30pm