Boston Dynamics' Latest Humanoid Robot Is Better Coordinated Than You

Say hello to Pet-Proto. Manufactured by Boston Dynamics, which makes robot versions of everything from fleas to horses, it's a humanoid robot that can run, jump and climb over objects—probably a damn site better than you're able. » 10/25/12 8:06am 10/25/12 8:06am

Human-Faced Robot Misses Its $300 Cost Target By a Mere $11,200

When David Hanson first unveiled his Zeno humanoid robot toy back in 2007, he anticipated selling them for around $300. A goal that was apparently a little optimistic, since five years later the first production versions are ready with a staggering price tag starting at $11,500. » 8/01/12 10:40am 8/01/12 10:40am

RoboPhilo Features Twenty Programmable Parts for Under $500

With 20 programmable servos, which can be with a PC or included remote, the RoboPhilo looks like a sweet weekend hobby project. At first glance, RoboPhilo looks like that RoboSapien which is all looks and no performance. But according to Technabob, RoboPhilo is highly advanced for only costing $499, and if the video is … » 12/08/07 1:25pm 12/08/07 1:25pm

Sarcos's Exoskeleton is More Amazing Than We Thought

We have had our eyes on Sarcos for quite a while, as they are the wonder kids that have been promising us super powered exoskeletons. Well, true to their word, they have just released a video of a prototype exoskeleton in action; the result is simply amazing. The device will primarily be made available for military… » 11/25/07 12:45pm 11/25/07 12:45pm

Anybot's Humanoids Designed to Bully Other Bots and Not Trip

Ok, so they may not look like the Terminator, but still, there's something remotely disturbing about watching these robots "learn" to walk and shove. Developed by Anybots, the humanoids are being designed to help with industrial and household tasks and they're made in such a way that they won't tip over and fall flat… » 2/28/07 9:33am 2/28/07 9:33am