Military-Grade Hummer Replacement Has Remote-Controlled Gun Turret

I'm sure military enthusiasts will geek out about this IMI Wildcat — A Hummer-replacing 4x4 MPC vehicle that can hold 12 soldiers, protect against 14.5 mm fire and RPGs, cross 900mm trenches, is C-130 transportable, yada yada yada, whoopdie freakin doo. But what makes this thing truly awesome is that it has a gun… »6/25/08 7:25pm6/25/08 7:25pm

Hummer HT2 Phone Is Smaller, Brighter, Even More Pointless than the Original

Fifty-thousand people compensating for something bought the Hummer HT1 phone. The new HT2 pulls the same trick as the H2 truck—it shrinks the original and adds a brighter coat of paint, with a fresh splash of asinine. In this case, even more so, because it seems to pack the same ho-hum specs as the HT1. At least the… »4/07/08 12:45pm4/07/08 12:45pm

Hummer with Roof-Mounted Laser Canon is Pure Intimidation

If you really want to intimidate people and blow some stuff up real good, you can't go wrong with a Hummer that happens to have a gigantic laser cannon mounted on top of it. The Laser Avenger, which we first reported on back in October, is designed to take out roadside bombs from afar, and I can assure you that you… »11/14/07 11:09am11/14/07 11:09am

Laptop Fails to Save Life in Hummer Crash, Nobody Is Surprised

Apparently, the news is that while laptops can save you from a bullet and still work, they can't save you from a military-grade absurdly giganormous SUV. Like the notebook found in a computer teacher's Honda following a fatal crash with a Hummer. That too was still working. Unlike the teacher. Incidents like this… »2/28/07 4:31am2/28/07 4:31am