Nintendo's 80s Christmas Parties Sounded Wild

Younger readers were spared the hassle/cost, but older folks will remember that people used to have to make phone calls to get tips and strategies for tough video games. The most famous was Nintendo’s Power Line, and over the weekend the AV Club spoke with three former employees about what life was like working for… »11/23/15 12:16am11/23/15 12:16am


Fantastically Nerdy Science Humor Magazine Goes Digital

After 21 years, the Annals of Improbable Research — that bastion of uber-nerdy science humor — is switching from a dead tree format to an all-digital PDF format. And it’s holding a special subscription sale to celebrate. From now until October 31, you can get a yearly subscription (six issues) for just $15/year,… »10/23/15 7:30pm10/23/15 7:30pm