Honeycomb Tires Take a Lick, Just Don't Actually Lick Them

This 37-inch tire can take the explosion of an IED along with a few rounds of rife fire and still haul an armored Humvee out of a battle at 50mph. Completely airless and supported by a honeycomb-inspired series of hexagons, the tire's structure can distribute weight loads evenly while taunting the enemy that it… »11/17/08 10:15am11/17/08 10:15am

US Army Selects Top Inventions That Can Take, Or Save, Your Life

IEDs, or Improvised Explosive Devices, are a sad fact of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, so you'll see the influence of these deadly weapons in this list of the US Army's top inventions for 2007. Every year the Army selects the top refinements, outright new inventions, or streamlined weaponry, and pumps out a list. This… »7/06/08 6:00pm7/06/08 6:00pm

Awesome: Boeing Tests Humvee-Mounted Laser Avenger

Yeah, you read that right: A laser strapped to a Humvee. The Avenger is Boeing's air defense system typically loaded up with a heavy machine gun or Stinger missiles, but for a test a couple weeks ago, they mounted one of the systems on a Humvee equipped with a 1-kilowatt solid-state laser. During the test, it took out… »10/18/07 4:30pm10/18/07 4:30pm