Doctor Who In A 1989 Notebook Ad, And 12 More Wacky Hungarian TV Spots

Do you love old television ads? Preferably from ex-socialist countries? Then this is the right stuff for you! YourTuber Hol van Ato has just uploaded more than one hundred funny, weird and grotesque Hungarian TV advertising spots from the 80s and 90s, and believe me: this collection is one of the most entertaining… »6/10/15 8:20pm6/10/15 8:20pm


14 Fresh Pieces of Space Art for Your Viewing Pleasure

Contemporary visual arts and the new space age we are currently living in often pleasantly fuse together, resulting in great art and illustrations that everyone would gladly hang on the wall. To Infinity And Beyond is a space art exhibition of 40 young Hungarian graphic designers and painters currently on display in… »12/12/13 9:00am12/12/13 9:00am