The Divergent Series Is the Ultimate Teen Dystopian Sugar Rush

Divergent and its sequels don’t make a whole lot of sense—but what they do have is a blend of wish-fulfillment, anarchic WTFery and actual social commentary that amounts to the Platonic ideal of “dystopia as cotton candy.” You will be in a sugar coma at the end of this film, but the sacrifice of your brain may not be…


Has Filming A Movie And Its Sequel Back-to-Back Ever Had a Good Result?

James Cameron wants to film three sequels to his mega-hit Avatar, all in one go. This sounds like a hugely ambitious undertaking—but he’s not the first director to try this. There have been some disasters, but also a few triumphs. Here’s our complete history of people directing a movie and its sequel back-to-back.

Fall Movie Guide: 6 Movies We're Sure Will Rock, Plus 23 Contenders

This is a great time to be a fan of science fiction and fantasy movies, and this fall is jam-packed with wonder and fascination. There are huge sequels, like Hunger Games and The Hobbit. But also some huge wild cards, like Christopher Nolan's Interstellar and Ridley Scott's Exodus. Here are 29 movies to look out for…