Save Your Automobile in a Hurricane Using Sophisticated Gadgetry

The Hurricane Rope Tether—because you can never be too prepared when it comes to protecting your beater car from being washed away in a storm. This fancy DIY project is brought to you via a KTRK TV viewer in Houston during their recent brush with Hurricane Ike. File this one under smart tips for suburban disaster… »9/15/08 2:15pm9/15/08 2:15pm


Tech-laden Storm Chasers Fly Headlong Into Hurricane Ike with a Smurf on Their Wing

First off, I hope everyone who stayed behind in the path of Hurricane Ike is OK this morning. Second, we know what we knew about Ike due in part to the guys, gals and tech shown in these storm chaser photographs »9/13/08 9:10am9/13/08 9:10am. The photo above shows a "Smurf," or the Stepped-Frequency Microwave Radiometer, which has adorned the…