The Massive Amount of Crap Left By Irene In New York's Harbor

NASA has released this true-color satellite image of New York Harbor. It usually is full of crap, but this photo shows a lot more. All that vomiting green and brown you see? It's the effect of Hurricane Irene. » 9/08/11 10:57am 9/08/11 10:57am

FEMA Determines How Bad a Hurricane Is By Checking if The Waffle House…

This seems lifted from The Onion but it's not. According to the WSJ, FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate uses a 'Waffle House Index' to help him determine how destructive a hurricane has been to an area. If a Waffle House is closed, you're probably screwed. » 9/01/11 10:53am 9/01/11 10:53am

Before and After Pictures of Hurricane Irene Are Stunning and Sad

As I woke up Sunday morning in NYC after Hurricane Irene, I was disappointed. Why? Because naively, I wanted to see what a "real" hurricane looked like. Now that I've seen these before and after pictures, I'm embarrassed for feeling like that. The pictures are gut wrenching. » 8/31/11 2:20pm 8/31/11 2:20pm

Jet Skiing Through Your Hurricane-Ravaged Neighborhood

What would you do if you woke up after Irene and saw your entire town had been flooded? Check your basement? Call friends and see if they're okay? Hell no, brah—get out the jet ski and get x-treme. » 8/31/11 11:40am 8/31/11 11:40am

Seeing New York City During Hurricane Irene Was Like Seeing a…

Though New York City largely managed to avoid the wrath of Hurricane Irene, the windy bitch still managed to strip the soul of the city that never sleeps. Watch it. It was like a post-apocalyptic city evaporated of life and people. » 8/29/11 7:40pm 8/29/11 7:40pm

Watch a Weather Man Get Covered in What's Probably Raw Sewage

Look, if you're getting pelted in the face with bad-smelling, bad-tasting "organic material," maybe it's time to pack up and take it to the studio, yeah? Poor Tucker Barnes learned that the hard way in Ocean City, MD, where he got covered head-to-toe in sea foam probably caused by raw sewage backup from Hurricane… » 8/28/11 12:52am 8/28/11 12:52am

Soon You Might Need a Stay in These Escape Pod Hotels

These former oil rig rafts now, somehow, serve as hotel rooms for the nautically inclined. Owned by one Denis Oudendijk, these little escape pods float in a canal near the Hague and can support up to three people. » 8/27/11 3:40pm 8/27/11 3:40pm

Why Would You Whip Your Penis Out During a Hurricane on National TV?…

People watching the Weather Channel just got a treat. During Eric Fisher's dispatch from Virginia beach, a few bros sailed across the screen. One of whom flashed his dick for all to see. Really?? [Village Voice, Mediaite] » 8/27/11 2:20pm 8/27/11 2:20pm

Irene Blows Her Way Through the East Coast (Updating)

After Hurricane Irene made landfall early this morning, she proceeded to plow her way up north, taking power lines out with her. Check back here for updates and video as the storm continues on its path of destruction. » 8/27/11 1:40pm 8/27/11 1:40pm

How Your False Sense of Security Might Get You Killed During Irene

I have to admit. Despite some widespread panic, the first ever evacuation of NYC, and the threat of billions of dollars being lost, part of me wouldn't be surprised if Irene just struck us a glancing blow. That perception gap is a problem. » 8/27/11 11:00am 8/27/11 11:00am

F-22 Jets Allowed to Fly Just to Escape Irene

Like its more expensive cousin, the F-35, America's F-22 fighter fleet at Langley Air Force Base has been grounded due to malfunctioning parts. Surprise! Not at all. But they're taking to the skies again!—just to avoid a hurricane. » 8/26/11 9:00pm 8/26/11 9:00pm

Here's Why You Shouldn't Make Phone Calls During the Hurricane

Want to know why cell networks got clogged and choked during the earthquake? A one minute phone call is 460,800% larger than a single text. So with our next natural disaster this week, use SMS. For everyone's sake. » 8/26/11 7:20pm 8/26/11 7:20pm

Governor Chris Christie to Idiots: Get The Hell Off The Beach

People of New Jersey loitering on the beaches! Your Governor Chris Christie has some very good advice for you. Stop working on your tan and get the Hell off the beach! That goes for you too, Snookie! » 8/26/11 7:16pm 8/26/11 7:16pm

Irene Emergency Radio Tracker Site Set to Ambient Music Is Helpful,…

Emergency radio during a hurricane is undeniably fascinating (and potentially life-saving). But you need to know where to listen. You Are Listening To tracks emergency radio for you, combining it with ambient music for a mesmerizing, if creepy, experience. » 8/26/11 6:20pm 8/26/11 6:20pm

9 Tools to Help Tame Hurricane Irene

Well, Hurricane Irene is here, which means much the East Coast should be prepared for the worst. We ran this Toolkit earlier in the week in wake of the earthquake. But it's just as useful for hurricanes. » 8/26/11 6:12pm 8/26/11 6:12pm

The 10 Stupidest Ways To Die in a Hurricane

Only 3,500 Americans have died in hurricanes since the 1940s thanks to improved warning and evacuation systems. If you end up one of them, you were either in the wrong place at the wrong time, or you were stupid. » 8/26/11 6:00pm 8/26/11 6:00pm

Daily Desired: Battle the Darkness with this Badass Pocket-Sized Torch

What the lights go out, don't be screwed. You think that little drugstore flashlight is good enough? Give it an hour until it flickers dead and leaves you blind. The Solarforce M6, though—that's your pint-sized lifeline. » 8/26/11 5:20pm 8/26/11 5:20pm

NYC Orders First Mandatory Evacuation In History, 250,000 People…

We're all laughing nervously in the office but Irene is no joke. Obama already has said the hurricane will be of historic proportions, and the City of New York has ordered the first mandatory evacuation in history. » 8/26/11 4:33pm 8/26/11 4:33pm

How to Listen in on First Responder Calls During the Hurricane

News outlets are going to frantically update you with Hurricane Irene info, but you can get a step ahead and listen directly to live feeds of first responder calls. Here's how (and where). » 8/26/11 4:20pm 8/26/11 4:20pm