Watch a Weather Man Get Covered in What's Probably Raw Sewage

Look, if you're getting pelted in the face with bad-smelling, bad-tasting "organic material," maybe it's time to pack up and take it to the studio, yeah? Poor Tucker Barnes learned that the hard way in Ocean City, MD, where he got covered head-to-toe in sea foam probably caused by raw sewage backup from Hurricane Irene. » 8/28/11 12:52am 8/28/11 12:52am

How Your False Sense of Security Might Get You Killed During Irene

I have to admit. Despite some widespread panic, the first ever evacuation of NYC, and the threat of billions of dollars being lost, part of me wouldn't be surprised if Irene just struck us a glancing blow. That perception gap is a problem. » 8/27/11 11:00am 8/27/11 11:00am

Irene Emergency Radio Tracker Site Set to Ambient Music Is Helpful,…

Emergency radio during a hurricane is undeniably fascinating (and potentially life-saving). But you need to know where to listen. You Are Listening To tracks emergency radio for you, combining it with ambient music for a mesmerizing, if creepy, experience. » 8/26/11 6:20pm 8/26/11 6:20pm