Transformer Dresses Should Be Mandatory for all Hawt Chicks (NSFW)

We've featured avant-garde Brit designer Hussein Chalayan before, but this time he's really outdone himself with Transformer-style clothing. Either it's magic, or there's an invisible perv lifting these ladies' hemlines &mdash in the case of the last girl, he lifts them so high that her dress disappears into her hat… »9/20/07 6:22am9/20/07 6:22am

LED Fashion Makes You Look Groovy, in a NYC Skyline Kind of Way

Looks like designer Hussein Chalayan and Swarovski have at last come up with LED clothing that doesn't make you look like an alien (not too much, anyway) or an utterly fashion-blind dork. The dress has two layers, with a translucent fabric covering the LEDs. If you live outside Japan, however, you will have to keep … »6/19/07 10:05am6/19/07 10:05am