Gizmodo PSA Contest: Celebrity Edition (Kind of)

Youtube celebrity Luke Johnson must be a Gizmodo reader because he submitted a handful of entries into our Gizmodo PSA Contest » 4/25/07 9:15pm 4/25/07 9:15pm where we are giving away a . Luke is kind of a celebrity because he posted his phone number in a video and wanted people to call him. It made some news shows and stuff, but I like his…

Gizmodo PSA Contest: Win a Canon HV20 HD Camcorder

Hey gadget fiends, want a Canon HV20 HD Camcorder? We are giving away one of these $1,100 high-definition camcorders to a lucky winner. To win we want you to create a gadget-related public service announcement. Remember those "This is your brain on drugs" commercials from the '90s? Pretty much like that, but anything… » 4/17/07 3:15pm 4/17/07 3:15pm

Canon High Definition HV20 Camcorder Rumors Start....NOW

Circuit City has a listing for an HV20, possibly the successor to the HV10, their little hand held high definition camera that uses good old cough*Please Die*cough MiniDV tapes as a recording medium. The listing shows HV10 specs, so this could be as simple as a type-o. Except for the list price that's $200 cheaper… » 1/24/07 10:56pm 1/24/07 10:56pm