LG R400 Laptop: Say Hi to the Latest Hybrid

Samsung may have got there first, but now fellow Koreans LG have joined the race to be at the forefront of the hybrid hard drive market with their R400. Online stores are already taking orders for the laptop, which boots machines using a flash-based non-volatile cache. As well all the normal hybrid benefits… » 3/08/07 7:45am 3/08/07 7:45am

Apple To Put Solid State NAND Memory Into Laptops By 2007?

After the Vista hybrid hard drive news this week, some fat cat Wall Street analysts have been wondering whether Apple will go ahead and place some NAND Solid State Disks (SSD) into their laptops as well. After all, Apple's got the sweet deal with Samsung and their NAND facilities, which resulted lowering the prices of… » 6/15/06 4:42pm 6/15/06 4:42pm

Windows Vista Premium Laptops To Require Hybrid Hard Drives

If you're planning on buying a laptop with Windows Vista Premium next year, you're going to have to pay a little extra for something you may not need. That something: a hybrid hard drive. » 6/13/06 6:26pm 6/13/06 6:26pm

Samsung To Announce Vista Compatible Hybrid Hard Drive

Not exactly like the 32 GB Flash drive that Samsung rolled out in March, the hybrid hard drive (HHD) is a combination flash and standard hard disk that's going to be used to cut down boot times of laptops and PCs. » 5/07/06 12:56pm 5/07/06 12:56pm