XR-3 Hybrid: 225 mpg Electric/Diesel Available in May?

There's a hybrid hoedown happening, with innovative ideas for efficient vehicles zipping around left and right, but this XR-3 Hybrid is different: It might actually find its way to the reality-based world as soon as two months from now. This diesel/electric hybrid is an odd-looking three-wheeler with a 40-mile range… » 3/21/07 6:45pm 3/21/07 6:45pm

Hybrid Concepts From Toyota and Honda Roll Out at Geneva Auto Show

Well, well. Look what those Japanese automakers are playing around with in the hybrid arena. On the left is what some wags are saying could be the next Toyota Prius, but for now it's called the Hybrid X concept, loved by many but called such epithets as "jellybean" and "suppository" by others. Inside this concept… » 3/07/07 10:15am 3/07/07 10:15am

VentureOne is One Quick Tryke, Electric or Hybrid

Electric tricycles seem to be a growing trend, and we can now add this VentureOne to that list. This one gives you a choice of either all-electric or hybrid power. It leans when you turn, can reach 0-60 in 6 seconds and goes 100mph with an impressive 100mpg fuel efficiency. Perhaps the most startling of all is its… » 2/16/07 10:19am 2/16/07 10:19am

Toyota Teases With Upcoming Hybrid Concept

Toyota, you're such a tease. Unveiling the second of two of your latest hybrid vehicle prototypes at the Geneva Motor Show this month, and all you're showing us is this quarter shot of its ass end. So far, this Prius successor is called the Hybrid X, and it's said to have ideas that are so new they'll require a "new… » 2/14/07 1:33pm 2/14/07 1:33pm

Obvio Tribrid Sports Car: Electric Pocket Rocket Runs on Anything

If you can figure out front from back in this cab-forward next-gen vehicle, the next thing you can do is figure out what sort of fuel to put inside. It's called a "tribrid" car because it can run on any combination of regular gas/bio ethanol (that's kinda like french fry grease), natural gas, or electricity.… » 12/27/06 10:29am 12/27/06 10:29am

Dual-Mode Vehicle Takes to Road and Rail

Is it a bus or a train? This dual-mode mini train is both. The JR Hokkaido Railway Company in Japan has been testing a bus that can switch between steel wheels and street-ready rubber tires, tooling around on the train track as a solo vehicle and avoiding accidents with satellite assistance, and then driving on city… » 12/15/06 1:17pm 12/15/06 1:17pm

Venturi Astrolab: First Commercially-Available Solar Hybrid

From that forward-thinking French company Venturi, here's Astrolab, the first commercially available solar electric hybrid car in the world. The company says it can go 74mph and has a range of 68 miles, probably long enough for most commutes. The entire top of the vehicle is equipped with photovoltaic cells—3.6 square… » 10/02/06 11:59am 10/02/06 11:59am

Google Sets Up Foundation to Develop Plug-In Hybrid Engine

Google has set up a for-profit foundation dedicated to fighting poverty, disease and global warming. One of its goals will be to develop a 100mpg plug-in hybrid car engine that's a triple play of fuel-efficiency, running on ethanol, electricity and gasoline, or combinations of the three. The company will start out… » 9/18/06 11:11am 9/18/06 11:11am

EDrive Systems Testing Plug-In Prius Hybrid

EnergyCS of California is deep into testing of a plug-in Toyota Prius, and it's delivered a prototype to California's South Coast Air Quality Management District for evaluation. One of the next generation of hybrid vehicles, the EDrive-equipped Prius barely sips gas while its more powerful plug-in batteries do most of… » 4/07/06 12:01pm 4/07/06 12:01pm

Sports Hybrid, Built by Kids, Runs on Soybeans, Zero-to-60 in 4 Seconds

The top auto designers in Detroit have been slam-dunked by a group of high school kids from Philadelphia who built the K-1 Attack Hybrid, a sports car that gets 50 miles per gallon and can go from zero to 60 in four seconds. During auto shop class, the group took a Honda Accord chassis, a Volkswagen turbo diesel… » 3/06/06 11:48am 3/06/06 11:48am

Gizmodo Video Review: Honda Civic Hybrid, Part 2 - iPod On Board

Here s part 2 of our 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid review, where Gizmodo s Charlie White shows you the iPod-compatible components that are part of the DVD-based navigation system inside this newly-redesigned hybrid vehicle. There s now an optional iPod Music Link installed, and you ll see how that works along with the… » 2/09/06 8:57am 2/09/06 8:57am