Hydroelectric Bucket Will Gladly Help You Miss the Point of Camping

Sam Redfield of the Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group has designed a bucket-based hydroelectric generator that can be made with easily obtainable, affordable parts. The "pico generator" is intended to provide a modest power supply suitable for home lighting and small appliances to remote destinations.… »6/27/08 7:45pm6/27/08 7:45pm


Energy Generating Turbine Toilet: Poop Saves the Planet

If the Benkatine Turbine by Leviathan Energy finds its way into homes, your bowel movements will be able to help generate free electricity. Using the same technology found in other hydroelectric devices, the Benkatine turbine uses the water that passes through the pipes in your home to produce power. According to the… »3/06/08 7:00pm3/06/08 7:00pm