Water Burns Cleaner: Hydrogen Generator

Is Hydrogen the new hybrid? That s what Canadian inventor Joe Williams Sr. wants you to believe. Williams has created a hydrogen generator for cars about the size of a typical DVD player. Simply connect up this box to your existing gas-guzzler and once the hydrogen mixes into the engine, it will burn cleaner, reduce… » 9/20/05 11:27am 9/20/05 11:27am

Hydrogen Training Pants

The dream of mass-produced hydrogen-powered cars is still far away, but the folks at United Nuclear are not waiting on the future. For around $8,000, their Hydrogen Generator transforms your polluting lemon into a clean, environmentally friendly, hydrogen burner. Now you can sneer at hybrid loyalists and forgo the… » 9/06/05 3:34pm 9/06/05 3:34pm