Brendan Koerner Teaches Stephen Colbert About CFLs and the Environment

Friend of Giz and contributing editor Brendan I. Koerner was on the Colbert Report last night to school Stephen on ways to save the environment. Koerner discussed the paper/plastic debate, using air conditioning vs. windows, and whether it's cheaper to buy CFLs or regular bulbs. Colbert let the green-concious Koerner… »8/01/08 7:00pm8/01/08 7:00pm


Hype Sheet: Dell's Do-Goodism and the Axe Effect

The Pitch A Super Bowl debut we somehow overlooked, this Dell spot features a cast of thousands swarming around one lucky laptop owner. With an XPS M1530 tucked beneath his arm, our handsome protagonist goes roaming around the streets of a European metropolis, Mick Jagger's "Charmed Life" pumping on the soundtrack.… »2/14/08 12:40pm2/14/08 12:40pm

Hype Sheet: Nokia Welcomes Spendthrifts to the "Next Episode"

The Pitch Nokia ramps up its N95 8GB campaign with this lyrical-yet-baffling spot, featuring an array of international archetypes absorbing media in ways that may soon be obsolete: sitting in darkened cinemas, listening to battered boomboxes, watching interference-addled TVs. The narrator's ghostly voice spills forth… »1/24/08 12:35pm1/24/08 12:35pm

Hype Sheet: Apple Goes, Quite Gently, for the Jugular

The Pitch Apple sticks with the "dance with the one that brung ya" philosophy for the start of '08, churning out yet another Mac-versus-PC chestnut. This time, though, the tone's a notch more acidic than in spots past—John Hodgman's PC comes off as more flummoxed than usual, readily admitting to Vista's many faults.… »1/17/08 12:15pm1/17/08 12:15pm

Hype Sheet Special: Blu-ray vs. HD DVD for All the Marbles

Few things set geek hearts aflutter like a juicy hardware rivalry. Who among us hasn't thoroughly enjoyed taking sides in such legendary throwdowns as Mac versus PC, PlayStation versus Xbox, or (for the truest of old-timers) Atari versus Intellivision? It's thus in our nature to pay excessive attention to the raging… »1/03/08 12:40pm1/03/08 12:40pm

Hype Sheet: The Iceman Insists That You're Getting a Dell

The Pitch As part of its sprawling "Star Power" holiday campaign, Dell enlists MMA legend Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell for a tongue-in-cheek shill session. Diction isn't Liddell's forte, alas, so it's a bit tough to understand his entire spiel—especially his use of a money vs. happiness line chart toward the… »12/06/07 12:15pm12/06/07 12:15pm

Hype Sheet: Sirius Plays the Bones, Yells "Domino!"

The Pitch A cleverly conceived journey through the history of sonic media (though, regrettably, the creators don't include the phonograph cylinder). Cassettes, 8-track cartridges and CDs are lined up like so many dominoes, all tumbling with a mighty clack. The surprise comes toward the end, when a crashing jukebox… »11/29/07 12:15pm11/29/07 12:15pm

Hype Sheet: Buy This Computer or You're the Worst Parent Ever

The Pitch Time for a little holiday nostalgia this week, as Hype Sheet goes digging through the crates for this 1983 Texas Instruments gem—a textbook example of preying on parental fears. A blond, bowl-cutted moppet sits on daddy's lap, toying with an educational program on the family's snazzy TI-99/4A. "A Texas… »11/22/07 12:00pm11/22/07 12:00pm

Hype Sheet: Acer Ladles Out the Bollywood Cheese

The Pitch Bollywood tropes can be hard for non-Indians to process, and the song-and-dance routine in this Acer spot is no exception. It starts off as a West Side Story clone, with finger-snapping toughs—er, "toughs"—bobbing their heads. But why are they in a prison? And what is matinee idol Hrithik Roshan doing there,… »11/08/07 1:00pm11/08/07 1:00pm

Hype Sheet: Philips and the Art of Naked Humiliation (NSFW)


The Pitch A melanin-impaired British bloke, donning nothing more than a pair of heart-splashed boxers and a wireless Philips headset, dances maniacally through his mum's house. All's going swimmingly until our hero slides into the kitchen, where he rocks a little … »11/01/07 12:15pm11/01/07 12:15pm

Hype Sheet: IBM and the Rage of the IT Underclass

The Pitch A balding butterball stumbles through a barren, Tatooine-like landscape. He's on the search for water, no doubt, but instead he finds a cluster of fridge-sized servers—the gods are obviously displeased with our afflicted protagonist. "The servers are too hot!" he exclaims, before crumbling in a heap. Moments… »10/18/07 12:15pm10/18/07 12:15pm

Hype Sheet: The iPhone's Downshift, With a Little Help from Doug

The Pitch Apple does a 180 from its usual DayGlo approach and mounts a man-on-the-street campaign, all in the name of that milestone gadget you either love to love, or love to hate. First up is recent iPhone convert Doug, who ungrammatically hails his non-bricked gizmo as "one of the greatest advancements in the… »10/10/07 12:58pm10/10/07 12:58pm