The HyperDrive Is a 750GB Hard Drive That Connects Right To Your iPad

From the good folks who make the power-in-a-pinch HyperMac batteries, the HyperDrive is a hard drive that connects directly to your iPad. It has a touch screen, can read 12 types of memory cards, and has capacities reaching 750GB. » 9/07/10 11:18am 9/07/10 11:18am

HyperMac Micro And Mini Updated To Charge Your iPad And iPhone 4

HyperMac, our favorite external batteries, just updated the Hypermac Mini and Macro with charging support for the iPad and iPhone 4. Batteries are boring but HyperMacs are great. Plus you can express yourself through 10 different color choices! » 6/22/10 6:10pm 6/22/10 6:10pm

HyperMac External MacBook Battery Review

The Gadget: The HyperMac external laptop battery, which, through its Magsafe connection gives MacBook Airs up to 32 hours and MacBook Pros up to 8 extra hours of battery life. There's also a USB port for USB charging. » 6/09/09 8:20pm 6/09/09 8:20pm