HyperMac Micro And Mini Updated To Charge Your iPad And iPhone 4

HyperMac, our favorite external batteries, just updated the Hypermac Mini and Macro with charging support for the iPad and iPhone 4. Batteries are boring but HyperMacs are great. Plus you can express yourself through 10 different color choices! » 6/22/10 6:10pm 6/22/10 6:10pm

HyperMac Bringing Sexy Back to Battery Packs For iPod, iPhone, and iPad

Batteries are usually just a boring, blunt necessity, on account of being batteries and all. But HyperMac's line of Apple-friendly lithium-ion battery packs are a colorful exception to the rule. Plus: battery babes! » 2/11/10 3:34pm 2/11/10 3:34pm