The Typo That Destroyed a NASA Rocket

On July 22, 1962, at 9:20 PM, the Mariner I sat idly on its platform, ready to make history. After investing years of construction, calculation, and funding, NASA had high hopes that its rocket would successfully conduct a flyby survey of Venus, thus shifting the Space Race's momentum back to the home front. In every… » 6/26/14 1:00pm 6/26/14 1:00pm

E-mail Dies, as Email Rises Triumphant From Its Ashes

The hyphen just got slightly more obsolete, and you just saved yourself a lot of right ring-finger reaching. In a move that feels so right it surely should've been made years ago, the authoritative AP Stylebook has deemed "e-mail" to be incorrect. From now on, we send emails. Thank goodness. » 3/18/11 3:48pm 3/18/11 3:48pm