AdminPatch Pain-Free Hypodermic Alternative Does It With Millions Of Needles Instead

Nanobioscience's AdminPatch sounds like a pretty amazing way to deliver drugs into the body: it's got a metal surface covered in millions of tiny microneedles that puncture the skin. You may instantly think "Ouch!" but since these are so small and pierce the skin shallow enough to avoid pain receptors, the system is… »11/24/08 6:15am11/24/08 6:15am

Medidome Syringe Aims for Veins with Kid-Friendly Design

We've brought you inventions that aim to replace the scary-looking hypodermic syringe before, but this new design reinvents the device in a kid-friendly package. Designed by Christopher Holden, a student at Northumbria University in the UK, MediDome combines drug and needle in a stick-on blister, designed for a single… »6/02/08 7:59am6/02/08 7:59am