The Robots of Tomorrow Aren't So Scary When They're Getting Beat Up

The Italian Institute of Technology's HyQ is one of many quadruped robots vying for the role of one day replacing horses and other means of transporting cargo over uneven terrain. So it makes sense that it would be put through exhaustive tests to ensure it could handle any situation—but none are as satisfying as… » 3/14/14 12:20pm 3/14/14 12:20pm

Great, Now Robots Can Outsmart Tripwires

Until now, quadraped robots have been a bit like terrifying mechanical sprinters: They go and go and go, but if they run into an obstacle, they're gonna fall like a tangle-legged AT-AT. So because the prospect of bots that can throw cinderblocks and climb buildings wasn't terrifying enough, Italian researchers are … » 7/31/13 11:10am 7/31/13 11:10am