Solar Billboard is a "Power Plant"

Deep moment, cue montage of oceans, mountains and highway full of hybrids or something. "What if every biillboard you drove by every day was actually a powerplant?" And then think that maybe, just for a moment, the world could be better. » 12/05/07 11:13am 12/05/07 11:13am

"Hot Tub" Nuclear Reactor Could Power Cities

About the size of a hot tub, this portable nuclear reactor in development by Hyperion Power Generation could be buried in a small cement casing within the ground and provide maintenance-free power to 25,000 homes for 5-years. » 11/25/07 12:00pm 11/25/07 12:00pm

Icron Brings USB 2.0 Over Powerline

We haven't quite dipped into the Ethernet over Powerline revolution yet, but this USB over Powerline seems to be the next step. Icron's combining Panasonic's HD-PLC powerline tech with its ExtremeUSB to make a USB extender that works over your home's electrical system. » 6/05/07 3:30pm 6/05/07 3:30pm