I-O Data HDH-USR2 External Hard Drive Stops Its Rockin' When You Come A-Knockin'

Previously seen mainly in laptop technology, shock sensing is making its way to external drives. I-O Data's new drive (with 3.5" disk) is available in sizes up to 1TB, and its G-Sensor stops any read-write activity when the drive is jostled. The thing is, it's not bus-powered, so it's not something you'd lug around… »10/31/07 8:28am10/31/07 8:28am

USB-RGB Dongle Adds More Screens to Your Laptop, No Video Output Required

If you're somehow stuck with a notebook that doesn't sport a video or a D-Sub output but are feeling that multiple-monitor itch (for "productivity," right?) as long as you've got a USB port, you're in luck. The USB-RGB is a dongle that lets you add an extra monitor to your system via USB. The $87 price tag strikes me… »5/30/07 9:30am5/30/07 9:30am

IO-Data USB2-W31RW Card Reader is Monochrome, but Well-Read

This card reader from IO-Data, the USB2-W31RW, comes in black and white, and can read 31 different types of cards—SDHC memory cards, micro SDs, memory sticks, MicroProles, SecuriMinge, SDHoHos, STDs, BumperMong Sticks, Multi-Media Splanges, High-Speed Jezebel Sticks, KrispyKremeKards, MemoryCleet, Fangs4DMemory and… »5/23/07 7:50am5/23/07 7:50am

I-O Data to Release HDMC-U Water, Shock Resistant HDD

I-O Data is set to release a rubber-coated USB hard drive called the HDMC-U. This is being touted as a water and shock resistant hard drive. The last time I check some flash drives were already liquid resistant. Oh well. The 12GB beast will be available in the middle of this month, just in time for the extreme holiday… »12/04/06 2:58pm12/04/06 2:58pm

I O Data External HDD: Able to Withstand Nuclear Attack, Hulk Smash

The is latest line of external hard drives from I O Data. These drives are built for durability. They even comply with Department of Defense standards. The drives can resist up to 220 pounds of pressure. Sure, they may prevent Hulk from smashing your drive—rendering your hentai collection useless—but who is to say he… »7/24/06 11:08am7/24/06 11:08am