IOGear's USB to VGA Kit Puts Wireless Gap Between PC and Monitor

Combine this little gizmo with a wireless USB » 8/25/08 5:45am 8/25/08 5:45am hub and you could almost have your PC in a separate room to you: it's a wireless VGA cable. The USB to VGA kit consists of a transmitter dongle and a receiver with a VGA-socket. It's probably aimed more at swanky PC-projector setups, since it can cope with video of up to…

IOGear GearJuice Rescue Charger: 15 Mins of Emergency Gadget Power

Sure, there are other emergency chargers out there, ready to give your gizmos a puff of extra life when they're out of juice, but perhaps none so pocketable as IOGear's new GearJuice Rescue charger. Just big enough to house a single AA battery it's got a mini-USB plug to connect up to many MP3 players, cameras and… » 5/29/08 4:56am 5/29/08 4:56am

IOGEAR USB Net ShareStation Brings USB Over the Network

Sharing USB Printers over the network is old hat, but IOGEAR's USB Net ShareStation lets you share just about every USB device you've got. There's external hard drives, flash drives, card readers, USB webcams, USB Speakers and USB printers, all extensible over the 10/100 port to your network. There's also a built-in… » 5/19/08 4:00pm 5/19/08 4:00pm

IOGEAR's Portable Media Player Upscales Video to 720P, Bears World's…

IOGEAR's portable media player, actually named Portable Media Player, may look as generic as its name on the outside, but actually has some good features on the inside (but no screen). There's the most unique one, the ability to upscale video files to 720P for display on an HDTV, but there's also XviD, DivX, MPEG1/2,… » 4/08/08 3:00pm 4/08/08 3:00pm

IOGEAR Fined $208,000 By EPA For Germ-Free Mice Claims

IOGEAR's Germless Portable Laser Mouse isn't quite so germless after all, which is why the Environmental Protection Agency levied a fine of $208,000 on the company for "unsubstantiated public health claims regarding unregistered products, and their ability to control germs and pathogens." In other words, these things… » 3/15/08 12:00pm 3/15/08 12:00pm

IOGEAR PCPortal Lets You Remotely Control Your Parents' Computer via…

Remotely connecting to your parents' computer to show them how to send email or file their taxes is fine if everything's working correctly, but how about when there's some sort of hardware or operating system error? IOGear's PCPortal actually bypasses the issue entirely by being a hardware solution that hooks directly… » 3/11/08 3:00pm 3/11/08 3:00pm

Iogear Mobile Digital Scribe Writes Anywhere

The updated Iogear Mobile Scribe captures 50 pages of your handwriting and doodles on any surface, using normal ink, and without the need to be connected to a computer like the previous Digital Scribe GPEN100C. This storage capability is more than enough for a full day of classes and meetings, but short of the 250… » 3/03/08 11:18am 3/03/08 11:18am

IOGear Wireless USB Hub Reviewed (Verdict: Pointless Use Of Good…

Unquestionably, Wireless USB is a technology with great potential. With the introduction of IOGear's Wireless USB Hub, they claim it connects to your PC easily, clears up wire clutter and makes speedy file transfers. But after playing with IOGear's Wireless USB Hub, we can't say this device lives up to that potential.… » 10/24/07 2:27pm 10/24/07 2:27pm

IOGEAR's Gear Juice Makes Sure Your Gadgets Are Never Without Power

The Gear Juice gadget charger is the latest in a trend for electronics — portable chargers that are rechargeable themselves. Using USB or any of the six supplied adapters, you can connect around 100 devices (cellphones, iPods, etc...) to Gear Juice and it will transfer power from its own Lithium Polymer battery into… » 8/30/07 8:44pm 8/30/07 8:44pm

IOGear Automatic HDMI Switch, Instead of a Whole New Receiver

If you're thinking about dropping more than $1000 on a fancy new receiver just because it has four HDMI inputs, wait a doggone minute. This IOGear Automatic HDMI Switch has four HDMI ports going in and one going to your TV, and it's pretty smart, too, automatically figuring out which component is on and then sending… » 7/30/07 12:51pm 7/30/07 12:51pm