Boost Drops the Motorola i335 Off a Building, Runs it Over With a Car for Your Amusement

The Motorola i335 is coming to Boost Mobile, and it's a tough little phone. To demonstrate, Boost dropped the thing off a building, ran over it with a car and gave it to a bunch of idiotic klutzes who tried to talk on the phone while skateboarding and other such activities. So if you're the kind of person who just… »6/05/08 11:45am6/05/08 11:45am


Confirmed: Sprint Will Ship BlackBerry Pearl 8130 on Black Friday; Moto Q and i335 Coming Too

Rumor confirmed. On Friday, November 23, better known to you Dealzmodo nuts as Black Friday, Sprint plans to roll out the BlackBerry Pearl 8130 ($200 with two-year contract and $50 mail-in rebate). Buyers of the BlackBerry can also get the new Power Vision BlackBerry Pack: For $30 per month on top of your voice plan,… »11/15/07 9:46am11/15/07 9:46am

Motorola Shows Off Cheap Sexy Still-Unannounced i335 for Nextel

The i335 is a thin candybar with a rubber keypad that feels like leather and a funky corrugated plastic back. It's been rumored here and there, and should not be confused with an older Moto with the same name. Regardless, Motorola and its partner in iDEN crime Sprint (as in Nextel) have yet to say anything more than… »7/26/07 9:45pm7/26/07 9:45pm