The BMW i8 Is the Template For The Future Car You'll Someday Own

BMW's i8 is the kind of gorgeous, $140,000 sports car that most of us will never get to own. It's packed with supercar tech like a carbon fiber passenger cell and a turbocharged, hybrid powertrain that kicks out Porsche-beating acceleration and Prius-like fuel economy. But it's not just an engineer's flight of fancy,… »5/09/14 2:57pm5/09/14 2:57pm


Samsung's i8 8.1-megapixel Point and Shoot Looks Slim, Rounded

It's not as techno-focused (read: male) as their NV-Series, but the i8 point-and-shoot seems like smooth number that fits nicely into your pocket. Available in pink and blue and white, it's got a 8.1-megapixel sensor, 2.7-inch LCD, 195MB internal memory, SD card, facial recognition, 3x optical zoom and anti-shake. We… »1/24/08 7:30pm1/24/08 7:30pm