Leica i9 Case Concept Gives iPhones a Proper Working Camera

All you Hipstamatic Instagram-addicts that love nothing more than cloaking something digital in an analog costume need to rally Black DA with me and demand that their Leica i9 iPhone standalone camera case goes into production. » 4/25/11 12:00pm 4/25/11 12:00pm

Details Leak on the Next Mac Pro Processor?

According to Hardmac, the next Mac Pro (which really needs an architecture refresh) will carry a 32nm, six-core "Gulftown" processor with 12MB of L3 cache known as the Core i7-980X—apparently it won't be i9-branded. But the really nuts news? The high end, double power Mac Pro could have a whopping 12 cores inside. [… » 12/15/09 10:55am 12/15/09 10:55am