Full-Screen Ads and Pre-Roll Videos Are Coming to iOS Apps

Apple has announced two new ad formats capable of taking over the entire screen of your iPhone or iPad. The new formats will be a part of Apple's iAd platform for iOS, which allows developers to build in ads right into their apps. Because if you're going make bigger phones, you might as well have bigger ads, right? » 8/27/14 12:09am 8/27/14 12:09am

Apple's New Mobile Ad Terms Keep AdMob Out of iOS

At D8, Steve Jobs said that Apple's move to block outside ad agencies from collecting user information was made to protect user privacy, not to box out the competition. He promised that Apple would allow other advertising networks to collect user statistics, effectively letting them compete with Apple's own iAd. » 6/08/10 4:01pm 6/08/10 4:01pm