The Amazing Saga Of How Israel Turned Its F-15s Into Multi-Role Bombers 

When the F-15 was created, it was created to be a pure air-to-air fighter, with the philosophy of “not a pound for air-to-ground” guiding designers. So how did Israel end up turning their F-15s into deadly long-range multi-role strike aircraft well before the F-15E Strike Eagle became a reality? Here’s how. »5/08/15 5:17pm5/08/15 5:17pm


This Eagle-Eyed Heron UAV Can See From Tel Aviv to Cyprus

The Israeli Air Force has been utilizing UAVs ever since the IAI Scout first flew during the 1982 Lebanon War. Over the last 30 years, Israel's rickety Reagan-era drones have been steadily upgraded into a world-class unmanned aerial fleet. And last Sunday, the IAF unveiled the newest upgrade to its Heron 1 (Shoval)… »10/17/12 12:00pm10/17/12 12:00pm