TrekStor Renames iBeat Blaxx After a Bit of Self-Flagellation

Click to viewFollowing yesterday's letter to TrekStor, purveyors of the dubiously-monikered iBeat Blaxx MP3 player, we received an email from Gil Szmigiel, Vice President of TrekStor, effecting an immediate name-change to something a little less offensive. See the email after the jump. » 8/27/07 9:28am 8/27/07 9:28am

Trekstor i.Beat Sweez Squeezes Music Player Down to 1 Ounce

The latest music player from Trekstor, a company who's given us the oddly shaped Vibez, has been named the Sweez. Besides weighing just one ounce, the Sweez has FM playback, 1 or 2GB storage, a neckband, plays back MP3/WMA/WAV/WMA-DRM10 and features USB2.0 support. All in all it's nothing revolutionary since we've… » 5/08/07 9:10pm 5/08/07 9:10pm

Depeche Mode i.Beat Vision MP3 Player

Let me get this out of the way early. Depeche Mode is the shit. Make fun of me if you would like, but I really enjoy their tunes. That is why I am more than happy to present this DM branded i.Beat vision MP3 player. It is small and basic: 1.3-inch screen, up to 2GB of memory and it plays MP3's. Unfortunately the 256MB… » 7/28/06 12:30pm 7/28/06 12:30pm

TrekStor i.Beat Organix

In an example of unmitigated douchery, TrekStore has come out with an example of why we must eat the rich. This is a crappy OLED MP3 player clad in 18 carat gold and adorned with 63 diamonds. There's also some bullshit about sound quality, but even if you had the money, you'd be a damn fool to buy this. » 4/03/06 5:56pm 4/03/06 5:56pm