Visting New York this summer? According to the dudes at Immaculate Infatuation, these are the places you should eat while you're here. The best part? There's an iBook you can download straight to your iPad or an abridged PDF version. Excuse me while I figure out where to get dinner tonight. » 6/21/13 3:51pm 6/21/13 3:51pm

iBook's DRM Defenses Are Now Only for Show

Apple's iBooks have always been protected from running on unauthorized devices thanks to the company's FairPlay DRM. That is, until Requiem version 3.3 decided to throw a cow over iBook's walls. » 2/25/12 12:02am 2/25/12 12:02am

Are iBook 2's High-Res Images Meant for the iPad 3?

Apple's iBook 2 app comes with some interesting media bundled in it. Developers have uncovered high resolution images that seem designed for use in a Retina display but the iPad 2 doesn't have one. Is this evidence that the iPad 3 will? » 1/19/12 7:20pm 1/19/12 7:20pm

Is Apple Set to "Digitally Destroy" Textbooks This Thursday?

Ahead of Thursday's NYC education event, Ars Technica reports via a leak source that Apple plans to announce a simpler way for authors to create and publish e-books as well as the iBook app's adoption of the ePub3 standard. The WSJ also names publisher McGraw-Hill as a project partner. All these developments suggest… » 1/17/12 12:57am 1/17/12 12:57am

Which Ebook Store Has the Best Books? Let the Website…

I hadn't realized before fooling around on ebook comparison site that the Nook and iBook stores had such a rubbish selection of books. It wasn't until I typed in "Twilight" that I actually found something available on all stores. » 10/18/10 6:20pm 10/18/10 6:20pm

Apple Purges Erotic Stories From Book Store Bestseller List

Yesterday, this was the number one book at the bestseller list of Apple's book store: Blonde and Wet, The Complete Story, followed by Big Sis, both erotic short stories written by English auteur Carl East. Well, not anymore. » 7/27/10 9:09pm 7/27/10 9:09pm

This Apple iBook Has a Built-In iPad

Remember in Dark Knight when the Batmobile got all busted up and Bruce Wayne jettisoned spectacularly out of its wreckage riding the Batpod? That's kinda what this gutted iBook iPad dock is like. » 6/08/10 10:00pm 6/08/10 10:00pm

The Sleepiest Apple Design Timeline (But Wait! In 3D!)

It's too early for trance for this mellow (mmm, bed...sleeeeeep) but the 3D models of iconic Apple products from the Newton to the OG iBook to iPad are genuinely delicioso enough to keep your eyes open for. Then sleep. [Recombu] » 3/02/10 9:14am 3/02/10 9:14am

Newspaper and Magazine Publishers Already Having an iPad Crisis Moment

As expected, the tricky question of "How we gonna get paid?" has reportedly become a sticking point in Apple's negotiations with newspaper and magazine publishers. Put simply, subscriber information is deeply valuable, and Apple doesn't want to to share it. » 2/16/10 10:50am 2/16/10 10:50am

An Antique Clock I'd Actually Hang on My Wall

It's an iBook G4 case recycled into a clock, with an Apple mouse for the working pendulum. Some nerd's heart just exploded. And it's surprisingly cheap, at $75. [Etsy via The Daily What] » 2/05/10 1:30pm 2/05/10 1:30pm

Apple 'Punishes' McGraw-Hill For MSNBC Gaffe

File this one under "Annals of Passive-Agressiveness": At today's iPad event, Apple scratched McGraw-Hill from the presentation slide displaying the various educational partners for the iPad, after McGraw Hill CEO Joe Biden Harold McGraw III blabbed to MSNBC about the iPad the day before the event. WAY TO SHOW THEM,… » 1/27/10 11:46pm 1/27/10 11:46pm

Wait, No, This Is the Real iPad

Click to viewThat thing we showed (and showed and showed) earlier? That wasn't the real iPad. This is, as demo'd by "John"—aka funniest living Twitterer Peter Serafinowicz. 3D games!!! [Funny or Die UK via BoingBoing] » 1/27/10 10:10pm 1/27/10 10:10pm

8 Things That Suck About the iPad

A lot of people at Gizmodo are psyched about the iPad. Not me! My god, am I underwhelmed by it. It has some absolutely backbreaking failures that will make buying one the last thing I would want to do. Updated » 1/27/10 4:10pm 1/27/10 4:10pm

Apple iPad's Myriad Optional Dongles: USB, SD, AC, BBQ

The iPad really is a giant iPhone—so much so that if you want to get a laptop-like experience out of it, you'll need adapters to change the typical 30-pin connector into USB, SD, or AC power. Correction: » 1/27/10 3:29pm 1/27/10 3:29pm

Apple iPad First Hands On

It's substantial but surprisingly light. Easy to grip. Beautiful. Rigid. Starkly designed. The glass is a little rubbery but it could be my sweaty hands. And it's fasssstttt. » 1/27/10 2:42pm 1/27/10 2:42pm

Apple iPad Price

Full pricing: The 16GB, Wi-Fi-only version costs $500, while the 32GB is $600 and 64GB is $700. Pricing increases by $130 to add 3G. The Wi-Fi-only models ship in 60 days, while 3G models will ship in 90. [Apple iPad] » 1/27/10 2:25pm 1/27/10 2:25pm

What It Looks Like to Read a Book on the Apple iPad - Video

So is reading a book on Apple's iPad any better than a Kindle? Well, you have complete page flipping control. And that's something. » 1/27/10 2:07pm 1/27/10 2:07pm

iWork 2010: Apple Brings Multitouch Cloud-based Office to iPad

Just as we thought, iWork 2010 was announced today, and it's taking full advantage of the new iPad's capabilities, namely multitouch. It's the most exciting thing to happen to slide-based presentation software in decades. » 1/27/10 1:59pm 1/27/10 1:59pm