How come some ice cream sandwiches don't melt in the blazing sun?

After hearing the news story about how a mother was concerned that her son's ice cream sandwich from Wal-Mart didn't melt after 12 hours in the sun, Dan Collins of KIKN 100.5 in Sioux Falls tested it out himself and recorded the process for video proof. Indeed, these things don't melt. But why? How is this possible? » 7/29/14 12:24am 7/29/14 12:24am

Eat Your Cable Troubles Away

I really do hate all these cables, and I will keep on hating them until all my charging and syncing happens over the very air I breathe. Until then, I guess these ice cream sandwich cables will keep me satisfied. » 7/14/10 1:48pm 7/14/10 1:48pm