The Antarctic Neutrino Camera Is About to Get Much, Much Bigger

The University of Wisconsin's IceCube neutrino detection system has been quietly operating amid Antarctica's barren tundra for more than four years now. In that time, the fledgling detector has captured more than 100 cosmic neutrinos, many of which originated far outside our Milky Way galaxy. And if project leaders… »5/01/14 11:40am5/01/14 11:40am

This Subterranean Telescope May Have Just Seen Humanity's First Cosmic Neutrino

Catching a glimpse of even regular neutrinos—low-energy particles generated in the atmosphere—is difficult enough, but spotting a "cosmic neutrino" left over from the Big Bang has been downright impossible. That is until this cubic kilometer buried under Antartica's frozen wastes started looking. »5/16/13 11:55am5/16/13 11:55am