Molten Magma Could Power Electric Plants of the Future

Good old geothermal plants generate power using water heated by hot rocks deep underground. But what if we could get energy directly from the seething magma down below? In Iceland, an accidental discovery let scientists actually stick a pipe into magma to test this idea—and the results of their experiment has just been … » 1/27/14 5:40pm 1/27/14 5:40pm

Iceland Is Making Beer Out of Dead Whales (Update: No, They're Not)

These days, brewers get pretty creative with what they put in their beer. You can get beer containing anything from donuts to moon dust. And, wacky as it is, weird beer is a pretty fun conversation starter. That is, until you start putting endangered species in it. » 1/10/14 4:20pm 1/10/14 4:20pm

Iceland Stops Work on a New Highway That Would Destroy Elf Habitats

A lawsuit that halted a new highway in Iceland was filed on behalf of elves. The road construction project is now being delayed until Iceland's Supreme Court rules on a case from Friends of Lava, a group concerned about destruction to elf and wildlife habitats. Their ideas may not be as bizarre as it first appears. » 12/24/13 1:00pm 12/24/13 1:00pm

This Time Lapse of Iceland Is So Beautifully Alien

You can travel every inch of this world and probably travel every inch of the galaxy and you'd find very few places more beautiful than Iceland. Even alien paradises don't look this good. Stian Rekdal covered over 3,000 miles and took more than 40,000 photos of Iceland over three weeks to cook this time lapse video up… » 10/01/13 11:00pm 10/01/13 11:00pm

Who Wants A Watch Containing Volcanic Ash From Last Week's Icelandic…

From the same chap who brought us the watch with actual moon dust and parts from Apollo 11, comes the timely (sorry) Icelandic Eyjafjallajökull watch. With—you guessed it—volcanic ash. Pretty fast, considering it only erupted last week. » 4/22/10 1:00pm 4/22/10 1:00pm

Volcanic Ash Could Last Months, Larger Nearby Volcano Could Soon Erupt …

It's scaremongering at best, but yesterday's volcanic ash story has turned into a right old mess for the aviation industry, with all planes grounded until at least Sunday in the UK. Even worse, a much larger volcano could erupt. » 4/16/10 6:11am 4/16/10 6:11am

Iceland's Volcanic Ash Causes Hundreds of European Flight Cancellations

Chaos is reigning across Western Europe today, with hundreds of flights canceled due to volcanic ash sweeping across the continent. The pulverized rock and glass from the Icelandic Eyjafjallajokull glacier volcano is harmful to the engines of airplanes, apparently. » 4/15/10 5:37am 4/15/10 5:37am