Was the Bogus ICOA Press Release Actually a Clever Stock Scam?

Earlier today, a press release was floating around that claimed Google had bought Wi-Fi hotspot company ICOA for $400 million dollars. It was bogus but a lot of us bought it. So what gives? Why would someone do this? Probably to make a killing on stocks. » 11/26/12 2:02pm 11/26/12 2:02pm

Google Just Bought $400 Million Worth of Public Wi-Fi Hotspots…

Never content to be just the go-to search engine, Google's been barking up some interesting trees recently. Now, Google has gobbled up ICOA for $400 million, and the thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots that come with it. » 11/26/12 11:31am 11/26/12 11:31am