We Need a Ubiquitous Share Icon

The share icon is broken. There are all manner of graphic elements designed to convey the action of sharing—but because we can't settle on a single design, most of us are left confused about what button to press in order to spread our love. » 6/16/14 5:15am 6/16/14 5:15am

The New Maps Icon Shows Off Apple's Spaceship Campus

The devil's in the detail, and when it comes to iOS that even includes the tiny elements that make up its icons. Like the new Maps one, which is focussed around Apple's upcoming Spaceship Campus. » 6/11/13 3:49am 6/11/13 3:49am

The Internet Icon You've Probably Never Heard Of

This is Marc Andreessen. He's not as rich as Bill Gates, not as inspirational as Steve Jobs, nor as well-known as Mark Zuckerberg—but that doesn't make him any less important. Because, in his twenty year career, Andreessen has probably done more than any other person to change the way we communicate online. » 4/25/12 3:49am 4/25/12 3:49am

The Nerd Beams Music to Your Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

As goofy as Bluetooth headsets may be, there's still people who use them on a daily basis. So what happens to those people when they want to listen to music and use a headset? They need something like Jawbone's The Nerd. » 8/30/11 11:24am 8/30/11 11:24am

Original Mac Icon Prints by Susan Kare

Susan Kare, famous for making UI elements and icons for the Mac in the 1980s, then NeXT afterwards, is now selling prints of her original Macintosh icons. It says to visitors, "I was a nerd before you." [Kareprints via Laughing Squid] » 12/17/10 8:20pm 12/17/10 8:20pm

Computer Icon Notebook Lets Me Jot My Notes Down

This computer icon notebook is just perfect for the guy who balances new technology with old school knowhow. It's like doing things the old fashioned way but with a wink towards technology. Buy one for $10. [Brigada Creativa via DesignMilk] » 11/27/10 3:00pm 11/27/10 3:00pm

Jawbone Jambox: Don't Stick This in Your Ear

If you thought Jawbone would just make Bluetooth headsets forever, you were mistaken. (Those of us who bet that the fashion-forward company's next product would be a handbag were also quite wrong.) Meet the Jambox: It's a thumpin' portable speaker. » 11/04/10 9:00am 11/04/10 9:00am

Is Bill Gates' Mug Shot The Generic User Icon In Outlook 2010?

The generic user icon in Outlook 2010, the stand in picture users see when a contact doesn't have a photo, seems to bear a striking resemblance to Bill Gates' infamous 1977 mug shot. Oh you slick Microsoft developer, you. » 9/30/10 2:00pm 9/30/10 2:00pm

The Most Comfortable iPad Dock Money Can Buy

"HOLLANDIA LAUNCHES WORLD'S FIRST BED DESIGNED TO WORK WITH IPAD" screams the press release. And much like Kanye's tweets or Mike from the Jersey Shore, I can't quite figure out if I'm laughing at them or with them. » 9/22/10 9:40pm 9/22/10 9:40pm

Steve Jobs on iTunes 10 Icon Lambasting: "We Disagree"

That's what he said to designer Joshua Kopac when he told him that the iTunes 10 logo "really" sucks. No, not "prepare to die". I mean "We disagree." » 9/03/10 2:48pm 9/03/10 2:48pm

$20,000 Hollandia iCon Bed Is Really Just A Gigantic SNES

Oh, Hollandia. You can say your $20,000 bed is iPad-friendly because of the headboard's speaker system and docking station, but when you combine purple and grey like that, all I see is a gigantic Super NES. [BornRich] » 7/13/10 11:00pm 7/13/10 11:00pm

Apple Wants To Trademark App Icons

Apparently Apple has filed to trademark its official app icons. The trademark motions cover the standard iPhone and iPad icon library as well as the iDisk and MobileMe Gallery icons in ridiculous detail. [TUAW via The Loop] » 4/29/10 10:40pm 4/29/10 10:40pm

Remainders - The Things We Didn't Post: Dark Side Edition

In today's Remainders: the Dark Side of the Force. Boingo tries to seduce you with $2 Wi-Fi access; Fake Steve Jobs runs into TV show trouble; College Humor espouses the Galactic Empire State of Mind, and more » 3/29/10 5:40pm 3/29/10 5:40pm

iCON: Curb Your Enthusiasm Meets Fake Steve Jobs

Fake Steve Jobs (Newsweek's Dan Lyons) is teaming up with director Larry Charles (Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Borat) to produce a "TV" show on streaming service EPIX. » 3/16/10 12:55pm 3/16/10 12:55pm

It's About Time: A Drill-Free Fix For Cavities

If bacteria settle in between your teeth and form a cavity, your dentist must drill through your tooth just to get at it. But now dentists can trade their drills for a simple treatment that stops early-stage cavities. » 2/03/10 5:20pm 2/03/10 5:20pm

Aliph Jawbone Icon Review: Bluetooth Celebutante

Look, we can hate on Bluetooth headsets all we want, but the fact is, they're both practical and popular among a certain set—and Aliph's new Jawbone Icon is a solid choice, though barely changed from previous versions. » 1/18/10 12:01am 1/18/10 12:01am

Fold-Up Plane Finally Shown Folding Up

At last week's EAA AirVenture show in Oshkosh, aircraft startup ICON showed up with their folding-winged A5 » 8/06/08 1:45pm 8/06/08 1:45pm. On display, one setup showed it being towed, propped on a standard trailer and pulled by a standard vehicle. The company hopes to appeal to those who've always been interested in flying but have felt…

Foldable Airplane Is Designed For Thrill-Seeking Wusses

The ICON A5 is a light sport airplane (LSA) designed for everyday people (who happen to have enough money for not only a second car but a first plane). Aside from the fact that an LSA takes less training to pilot, the A5 focuses on the little things that almost make the idea of owning a plane feasible—easier storage… » 6/12/08 4:40pm 6/12/08 4:40pm