The Story Behind the Universal Icons That Came Long Before Emoji

Before the twin girls dancing, the smiling moon, the steaming pile of poo, there was a whole other visual language we used to help guide us through the world. Before emoji, there was isotype, the influential pictorial language invented in the 1920s. And it continues to influence our lives today. » 6/19/14 2:20pm 6/19/14 2:20pm

Who Designed the Weather Icons?

To modern eyes, they're as intuitive as the alphabet: The bubbly cloud, the circle and its simplistic rays of sunshine. But our weather icons are actually pretty new inventions. Up until the 1970s, meteorologists used an enigmatic system of symbols to forecast the weather—until a design student came along and changed… » 5/27/14 4:27pm 5/27/14 4:27pm

How Different Your Favorite Apps Look in iOS 7 (Updating)

All that chatter about the death of skeuomorphism and the rise of flat design, iOS 7 is finally here. It's got a new look, which means your apps do, too. We're compiling all of your favorite apps in both their old and updated forms so you can see exactly what's changed and what's pretty much the same. Keep checking… » 9/18/13 1:33pm 9/18/13 1:33pm

A Lot of Cameras Are Going to Change in the Tiniest Way Possible

If you use a Sony or Fujifilm camera or Nokia phone or anything like that, you may notice a slight difference in future editions of your favorite camera and phones. The iconic Carl Zeiss imprint on the camera lens will now be just ZEISS. I guess they were growing tired of non photogs asking who the heck is Carl Zeiss? » 6/28/13 8:34pm 6/28/13 8:34pm

Snap Up This Renegade App and Hide Your Stock iOS Icons While You Can

Hate having that "Stock" icon hanging out on your iPhone? Even if you shunt it over to its own page with all the other misfits, it's still there and you can't get rid of it. Well, lucky for you, there's an app in the App Store right now that'll let you hide it, but act fast because it's bound to be gone soon. » 3/11/13 4:31pm 3/11/13 4:31pm