RIM Bringing AOL Mail, AIM and ICQ to All BlackBerry Smartphones

I know all of you BlackBerry fans have been waiting forever for the true AOL Mail experience on your cellphone right? Right? Yeahhhhhh! Seriously though, if you would prefer true AIM and ICQ as opposed to third-party IM clients, now is your chance to get a deeply integrated, feature-rich AOL experience on the go. Hit… » 9/10/08 7:30pm 9/10/08 7:30pm

Hands-On Google Talk for iPhone (Verdict: Stick with Installer.app)

Google's brand new Gtalk webapp for the iPhone is as crappy as I expected it would be. It has a nice design, and sending messages was easy, but at the end of the day it's still running in Safari—which means if you get a call you are signed out of chat. And unlike other web-based IM apps, Gtalk doesn't work in the… » 7/03/08 2:30pm 7/03/08 2:30pm

Fring is the World's First True iPhone VoIP App

Ignoring previous "iPhone VoIP" apps like Jah Jah, which are only VoIP after you connect to their analog to VoIP bridge, this Fring app seems to be the first real VoIP solution for the iPhone/iPod Touch. To get in on this action you need a jailbroken iPhone, Wi-FI access, and you'll be able to call regular phones… » 4/15/08 1:53pm 4/15/08 1:53pm

ICQ, the Toothpaste

Everyone remembers ICQ, the first widely-used instant messaging application that's all but dead in most of the world now. The Israeli software company that developed the suite before it was purchased by AOL has just partnered with a big Israeli pharmacy company called CTS to release this ICQ toothpaste, which our… » 3/15/08 9:30pm 3/15/08 9:30pm

BeeJive's JiveTalk The Best iPhone IM Client So Far

Seeing as eBuddy and Meebo either only kinda work or support only AIM, and Trillian Astra isn't actually available yet, JiveTalk looks like the only good solution for mobile IMing on the iPhone. Not only does it support AIM, there's MSN, Yahoo, GoogleTalk, ICQ, and Jabber support as well. And it's FAST. » 7/09/07 4:31pm 7/09/07 4:31pm