My Weekend Hanging Out With PC Gaming's Most Hardcore Players

Face-to-face LAN parties—local game gatherings, usually PC-focused—just aren't what they used to be in this modern, always connected age. Not even one of the biggest in the world can escape time. But the thousands of PC gamers who gather in Texas every summer are pushing off the inevitable as heroically as they can. »7/30/14 5:48pm7/30/14 5:48pm


Memories Of Doom, By John Romero & John Carmack

Twenty years ago, on December 10, 1993, John Carmack, John Romero and the rest of the team at upstart id Software unleashed a game called Doom upon the world. Twenty years later, both men have written about their favorite memories of the game for you and all fans of Doom to read. Here they are, in their own words... »12/10/13 4:17pm12/10/13 4:17pm

John Carmack Says iPhone As Powerful as Dreamcast, More Powerful Than DS and PSP Combined

We're all for making hyperbolic statements about how powerful the iPhone is as a gaming system, but John Carmack's taking things to the next level. As you remember, Sega has previously said that the iPhone is as powerful as their Dreamcast system, and EA has previously said that it's more powerful than the DS, but… »8/04/08 11:52am8/04/08 11:52am

Doom 2 and Wolfenstein RPGs May Be Heading to the iPhone

I don't think John Carmack had a version of the Doom 2 and Wolfenstein RPGs in mind when he recently said that id Software was bringing something "very special" to the iPhone »8/01/08 8:30pm8/01/08 8:30pm, but CEO Todd Hollenshead has revealed that he would like to bring both of these games to the device, which he claims is more powerful than a DS…

John Carmack: Exclusive iPhone Game to be "Graphical Tour de Force"

Probably dismayed by the current smleh state of games for the iPhone, game wizard John Carmack has announced that iD Software is bringing something very special for the iPhone. Knowing that John is the creator of Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake, but, more importantly, Commander Keen, you can imagine how excited we are. Yes, … »7/29/08 5:10am7/29/08 5:10am