A 20-Sided Pocket Art Director Gives You Free Design Advice

When deadlines are a-looming and your creative well has momentarily run dry; when a conversation with colleagues would result in a down-the-rabbit-hole discussion that time won't allow; or when a client wants a design change and you need guidance from an impartial third party; the Pocket Art Director wants to help you… »6/30/14 5:00pm6/30/14 5:00pm

Great Giz Ideas: Harass Your Neighbors With Your Wi-Fi Hotspot Name

We were setting up our wireless router in this our new house when we made a startling realization. Our wireless hotspot doesn't need to be limited to boring names like LinksysN or 2Wire1969, they can be messages to our neighbors that they see every time they connect to their router. Here are some that our crack team… »7/02/08 5:00pm7/02/08 5:00pm

Wall Outlet 2.0: Plug-In Design Minimizes Exposure to Plumber's Ass

Taking home the Silver in the student design category of the Idea Awards, Plug-In by designer Julia Burke fits in a standard opening for electrical outlets. Its uplifted angle makes it easier to plug things into it, so when you're bent over to plug something in, unfortunate onlookers won't have to see your butt crack… »10/19/06 9:39am10/19/06 9:39am