The Massive Facial Recognition Database That's Hiding in Plain Sight

It's only natural to be a little skeeved out by the idea that the government is slurping up your private data behind the scenes, but there's a very public piece of your data being collected as well: the look on your face. There's already a national database of over 120 million faces, and the Washington Post reports »6/17/13 10:35am6/17/13 10:35am

FBI's $1 Billion Biometric Database Will Help Catch the Bad Guys

The FBI is planning to spend $1 billion on the world's largest biometric database. The database will be used to create a big brother state, in which you will ultimately have little autonomy assist the FBI's efforts in catching the bad guys. Apparently, compilation of digital images, including mug shots, fingerprints… »12/23/07 12:20am12/23/07 12:20am