Instagram Is Asking Users To Prove Their Identities with Government IDs

If you're not claiming to be famous, normally people couldn't care less who you say your are on the Internet. In fact, most people actively don't care. Instagram isn't in that crowd however. After its recent TOS update, it's been harassing more and more users to confirm their identities with pictures of… »1/26/13 4:00pm1/26/13 4:00pm

This Portrait Is Actually Hand Drawn with 2.1 Million Dots

This is a portrait of Benjaman Kyle. He's a man who doesn't know anything about himself. Literally. He was unconscious when he was discovered behind a fast food restaurant in Georgia and had no belongings, severe sunburns, was nearly blind and had no idea who he was. Benjaman Kyle, which isn't even his real name,… »12/18/12 10:00pm12/18/12 10:00pm

A Murderer Tricked His Victim's Family Into Thinking Their Son Was Alive By Sending E-mails Pretending to Be Him

Disturbing. Morbid. Calculated. Cold-blooded. Nothing can quite describe Edward Younghoon Shin, a man who murdered his business partner, Christopher Ryan Smith, and then sent e-mails to Smith's family pretending to be Smith so they would think their son was still alive. »9/01/11 1:20pm9/01/11 1:20pm